Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A little light poetry...

Inspired by a friend in Australia, and the drive to do as LITTLE work as possible leading up to my last days in the office, I sat at my desk and jotted down these two poems. It was one of those days where the words just seem to flow out of no-where. Once again, motivated by a beautiful woman who thinks I should update my blog more often (if only to give her something to read when she gets bored) here they are:

Faith in the Dark

A filament of fiction,
a faith that lies beneath,
shaking and uncertain,
and I, these words bequethe -

Let out your faith unto the night,
like oil to the sea.
Take the air from from breathless mouths,
then give your life to me.


But I am here alone tonight,
on solid sinking ground,
moving yet unmoving,
just searching for the sound.

Then standing in the darkness,
a sudden silence shifts,
settles into nothing,
and faith is set adrift.

I bow my head unto the dark,
as wordless lips recall,
a soundless,
loveless lullaby,
a Godless thank you all.


Trapped by the trappings of minimalist trepidation,
tounge tied and tormented by taunting desperation.

Can I leave this all behind,
without a second glance?
Give up what I've come to know,
just leave it all to chance?

The box with my name says so.
The chair where I sat says so.
The life that I lived says so.
While the sign on the door,
glowing green to the floor,
says go, go, go.

Standing now I face the hum,
that silent knowing buzz,
I turn my back on all I knew
and all that ever was.

This is the end.
I'm leaving.
No more goodbyes.

I would say good luck if I cared,
but I don't.
I simply don't.

Good riddance.