Monday, March 29, 2010


Saturday... It's a lovely day in
Tokyo... The first for quite a while after a very long and cold winter, only made worse by going home to Australia for 3 weeks. Stepping off the plane at Narita after the sweltering temperatures we had in Melbourne was not at all pleasant. I didn't just react physically but mentally and it has taken a while to get back on track.

Recently I've been feeling very happy. Content with life. Not something I'm used to. Usually I screw it up somehow but I'm determined to get it right this time.

Anyway, Saturday is a beautiful day. Work turns out to be easier than expected. The morning's work is halved when the students set to come to the second demo lesson for the day cancel. Suddenly we find ourselves with an extraodinarily long lunch break (around 3 hours) so we do what any self respecting gaijin English teacher would do... Grab some beers and go to the park.

On the way we saw the above sign. I still have no idea what it means. Beware of tumbling businessmen? To add to our amusement, a Japanese businessman coming toward us tripped over his own feet and almost fell flat on his face while we were looking at the sign. It was a perfect moment in time.

After our encounters with tumbling businessmen we made our way into the university grounds / park. For the first time in a long time it felt like I was back at Uni again. Sitting around on the grass in the sun having a few beers before heading back to class. It was glorious. Then of course it was back to work again but still...

Life could be a lot worse right now.

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